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If your spouse has deserted you, or taken the children, or will not help support the children, you can obtain relief in Family Court.  You can use us to obtain temporary relief in family court, obtain restraining orders, receive child support.

If you wish to adopt your step-child, or adopt your grandchild, or adopt children that you are not related to; we can file for adoption for you in Family Court.


If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to receive medical treatment paid for by your employer; plus 2/3 of your average weekly gross pay while you are unable to work; plus compensation for any permanent impairment when your medical treatment is ended.  You can avail yourself of our years of experience in workers compensation law.


Have you been injured in an automobile or motorcycle wreck?  Dealing with insurance adjusters is our business.  There are avenues of recovery from liability insurance on the at fault vehicle; underinsured coverage if the at fault vehicle had too little insurance coverage; and uninsured coverage if the at fault vehicle had no insurance coverage at all.  There may also be medical payments insurance coverage on the vehicle you are in or own or are insured by, to help pay medical bills.  There is property damage coverage to pay for the damages to your vehicle by the at fault driver.

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Have you been charged with violating the law? Are you facing a jury trial on criminal charges?  Do you face potential years in prison?  You may be assisted by our years of criminal trial experience.  We have represented clients in over 5,000 criminal defense cases.  From DUI, to drug charges, to murder charges; we have represented persons in General Sessions and Magistrate/Municipal courts.


Are you facing foreclosure on your house and land?  Is a lender seeking to repossess your mobile home?  Are your vehicles in danger of being repossessed?  Do you have a mountain of credit card debt, or medical bills, or finance company loans? Our more than 20 years of experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you.  Often, filing bankruptcy, or even discussing the options, can relieve you from stress.


 Do you want to make a simple or a complicated will? Do you want to prepare a durable power of attorney so that a loved one or trusted friend can make legal decisions for you in case you become handicapped, incompetent, in a medical coma, or other infirmity?  Do you wish to contest the probate of the estate of a relative?  Do you want to appoint yourself or someone else as a guardian of the person or a conservator of the assets of some friend or relative?  We are able to assist you with these probate procedures to accomplish your purposes. 


You may pay us a specified set fee for some services; such as simple wills, deed preparations, durable power of attorneys, or simple uncontested divorces. 

Personal injury and worker's compensation are paid on a contingency basis—if we recover, you pay us a percentage out of the recovery. 

Contested divorces or contested probate matters, or similar work, are paid for on an hourly rate, currently $275.00 per hour plus the court costs, with a down payment retainer.


Spanish fluency is available in our office, along with our native English.